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Please tick all the relevant actions you are pledging to take (listed below by type of business), plus those you are already doing. The number of relevant actions determines the level of your pledge.  Please include in the section “anything to add” an indication of when you expect to complete the actions for which you have pledged  to take but not yet completed.

The pledge is voluntary and there's no difficult audit procedure or inspections.  We want to celebrate the good work that businesses are doing in the City, so we will be in touch to discuss sharing your story and also to keep you in touch with netwroking events, opportunities and developments to the campaign. 

if you need any assistance of wish to discuss you plans pelase contact the project office at

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4 actions pledged

Gold pledge

5 - 6 actions pledged

Platinum Pledge

7 actions or more pledged



This pledge is aimed at businesses based or with operations within the City of London (Square Mile). If you also have other business operations based elsewhere you are welcome to use the business pledge as a comparator between the different business units but we will only include those based or working in the Square Mile for our recording pruposes.  If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply, please contact us to discuss your circumstances at

For all businesses:
For office based businesses:
For retail & hospitality (including internal catering/canteens):
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All participating businesses can be listed on the Supporters page with a link to your website
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Privacy Policy

The City of London Corporation (CoL) is a data controller responsible for compliance with the relevant Data Protection requirements for processing personal data. The personal data you have provided (your name and contact details) will be used solely for the purposes of administering and running the Plastic Free City Pledge. More detailed privacy information, including information about your rights, is available on the City of London Website:

Alternatively, if you have any queries about how your personal information is managed by us, please email